Sunday, July 17, 2011

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A True Friend

A true friend..
A true friend is someone you can talk to whenever you have a problem and will keep it between just the two of you. They will not go around and tell everyone about it or start gossiping and make a big rumor of it. They are someone you can trust and just be yourself with. And you don't have to so be someone your not and accepts you for who you are. They don't care about the way you look or the way you act, they like you because they can be them self around you and you can both have a great time and never get into a fight. They will support you with anything you want to do or be. Even if they do not think its right and its something you really want to do. If you really need there help, they will be there for you no matter what the situation is. If one of your "friends" talking about you badly and your not there, they will tell you about it. And you can make a true friend until you are true to yourself and everyone around you.